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The Reciprocal Borrowing Program is a project of the ARKLink Resource Sharing Committee

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Questions about the ARKLink card and reciprocal borrowing program? Contact the Resource Sharing Committee.

Reciprocal Borrowing Policies and Procedures

ARKLink Reciprocal Borrowing

ARKLink Libraries agree to honor ARKLink cards from participating libraries.

  • ARKLink patrons must present both an ARKLink card issued by their home library and a photo ID to the circulation desk of the lending library.
  • Any individual known to have outstanding charges at his/her home library may be denied the right to participate in the ARKLink Statewide Card program.
  • Optionally, an official ARKLink email request from the home library may be used to authorize the lending library to issue an ARKLink card. 

ARKLink Cards

ARKLink Cards will include:

  • The name of the patron;
  • Patron's university ID number;
  • The OCLC code for the sponsoring library;
  • The name of the individual issuing the card;
  • An expiration date.
    • Cards will be valid for one semester for students and one year for faculty.
    • Expiration dates shall reflect the school calendar of the home library.

Lending Library Policies

Each participating library will be allowed to set its level of service and lending policies:

  • They may establish different lending policies for the following categories of ARKLink borrowers: undergraduate student, graduate student, faculty, and staff.
  • They may establish their own policy regarding number of items checked out and length of loan.
  • Privileges do not include journals, special collection materials, audiovisuals, computer software, anatomical models, reserve materials, or electronic resources restricted by licensing agreements.

Overdue Items & Payment

Lending libraries will take available and appropriate actions, including timely notification to the home library, to recover payment or materials from delinquent borrowers.

  • Patrons are expected to return the books they borrow from another library to that library. In the event that the patron is unable to return borrowed item(s), it is your library's responsibility to return the item(s) for them.
  • Home libraries will employ available and appropriate means to recover payment or materials from borrowers if lending libraries are unsuccessful in recovering such charges or materials.
  • Home libraries will take appropriate action with regard to delinquent borrowers, including suspension of privileges extended under this agreement or any other measures deemed appropriate and consistent with local library practice.
  • If lending libraries fail to receive payment from borrowers for lost or damaged materials, home libraries will reimburse lending libraries for obligations outstanding longer than six months.
    • Reimbursement to lending library will cover the cost of materials only.

Responsibilities of ARKLink Libraries

Responsibilities of participating ARKLink Libraries:

  • Each library will maintain a current record of privileges and limitations applicable to this agreement, including collections or types of materials not subject to the borrowing privileges;
  • This information will be updated annually and provided to all participants via the ARKLink website.

ARKLink Liaisons

Each library will appoint a liaison for the ARKLink Statewide Card Program. Duties of the liaison include:

  • Promoting the program locally;
  • Making available copies of the program's guidelines and other information;
  • Insuring that the library's policies with regard to this program are maintained on the ARKLink Website;
  • Maintaining a supply of ARKLink Cards;
  • Administering the program at the library and resolving individual problems;
  • Referring problems or issues of a broader scope to library directors or their designees.

Reporting ARKLink Statistics

Each participating library will maintain and report the following statistics on an annual basis to the ARKLink Board:

  • Number of ARKLink cards issued;
  • Number of items circulated to ARKLink card holders;
  • Number of ARKLink card holders registered for borrowing privileges;
  • Number and monetary value of lost and damaged materials paid to the home library by borrowers and reimbursed to the home library by other libraries;
  • Number and monetary value of lost and damaged materials paid for by the home library.

Updated 10/15/19

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