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Library Dashboard automates the laborious task of collecting and comparing usage statistics across a library's electronic collection and provides easy-to-use data analysis and visualization tools to easily share the data with stakeholders.  This nimble service increases transparency around this data as it can be accessed on a regular basis to track usage trends.  Library staff will get a view of e-Content usage and see the data presented in terms of title, bundle, publisher and discipline.    This software allows libraries to see any turnaways; expiring subscriptions; decreasing usage as well as top sources of full-text usage by individual title or bundle. The pricing listed above includes an unlimited number of sources and an unlimited number of users of the service, which is continuously available, 24 hours a day. It is a proprietary, cloud-based, sole-source, software-as-a-service.


The core purpose of Library Dashboard is to harvest a customer library's COUNTER reports, ingest them into the Dashboard, aggregate and normalize them, and make the data available to that library 24/7 through an easy-to-use interface with data analytics and visualization tools.  These tools allow libraries to compare usage data and cost data across products, providers, disciplines. etc., and easily spot trends and changes over time.

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Vendor Demo Recording

Link to FAQ about RedLink

RedLink Library Dashboard supports data from this list of publishers and platforms

Friendly Guide to COUNTER Release 5 for Librarians

Please contact Star Holloway with your FTE information to receive pricing. 

  • Billing will be direct through RedLink. 
  • RedLink will require a signed agreement with the institution. 
  • Kate Vincent is the appropriate contact for the agreement and billing information.  
  • RedLink prefers to bill for both the setup fee and the annual subscription at the same time.   However, if you have alternate billing needs, the vendor is happy to discuss options.

Collection Development Committee Members

Star Holloway - Chair Arkansas State University
Donna Daniels University of Arkansas Fayetteville
Kathy Anderson University of Arkansas Monticello
Jacqueline Eldridge Arkansas Baptist College
Judy Ganson University of Arkansas Fayetteville
Maureen James University of Arkansas Little Rock
Philip Shackleford South Arkansas Community College
Jean Waldrop Harding University


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