ARKLink Reciprocal Borrowing Program Policies

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Questions about the ARKLink card and reciprocal borrowing program? Contact the Resource Sharing Committee.

ARKLink Reciprocal Borrowing

ARKLink Libraries agree to honor ARKLink cards from participating libraries.

ARKLink Cards

ARKLink Cards will include:

Lending Library Policies

Each participating library will be allowed to set its level of service and lending policies:

Overdue Items & Payment

Lending libraries will take available and appropriate actions, including timely notification to the home library, to recover payment or materials from delinquent borrowers.

Responsibilities of ARKLink Libraries

Responsibilities of participating ARKLink Libraries:

ARKLink Liaisons

Each library will appoint a liaison for the ARKLink Statewide Card Program. Duties of the liaison include:

Reporting ARKLink Statistics

Each participating library will maintain and report the following statistics on an annual basis to the ARKLink Board:

Updated 4/1/14